A kid for the kids


I forgot to do a real photoshoot of this lil’ lady before I sent her off, so just a few cell phone pics at night. She’s a donation to Catholic Charities-- will be auctioned off for a scholarship program. I’m curious to see how much she goes for!

Realborn Kimberly


How sweet! I love her curly hair!! She should go for a lot!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


She looks so snuggly!


Oh goodness! She’s so precious


She is ADORABLE! I love Kimberly’s face!


She’s gorgeous!! What a sweet thing to do. :blush:


Thank you, ladies! I bought Kimberly when there were only a few different realborns out, and the kit was sitting in a box forever.

My husband brought her to his business meeting to give her to the charity rep, and he played a little game. He got a lot of attention (the meeting was at a country club) and a bunch of people refused to believe she wasn’t real. Including one guy (a lawyer) while he was holding her :joy: Anyway, my hubby gave different answers when people asked how much I charge. I don’t really sell them, so he thought he’d just see what price people would react well to. He said $600 seemed to be the “number they didn’t flinch at.” He also tried $900 and $3000. Interesting experiment! I’m curious about what she’ll go for in a crowd that doesn’t know anything about reborns or the process of creating them. I’ll keep you posted!