A few finished photos of Xander Brace


I’ve finally finished Xander, he’s so sweet but much smaller then I thought he’d be. Awful lighting here today so I’ve only taken a few. All comments including critical welcome.


Aw, he’s so precious, I love his hair and he has such a sweet face…


I adore him and I can’t get over that beautiful head of hair I love love love the style you created


I love his hair…he’s very cute.
I have had my Xander painted for a long time but Im unhappy about how dark I ended up making him. I may try to fix him up a bit before I put hair on him.


Thank you, he has a lovely little face to work with.


Thank you, I think I’ve finally got this rooting sorted, it’s a shame it takes me so long.


Thank you, I’m looking forward to seeing yours, he is a lovely kit.


He’s so cute – bad lighting and all!


Thank you :blush:


He is gorgeous! I love his hair, also!


Thank you


He’s perfect! :blue_heart:


Thank you :blush:


Who are you? That is an awesome baby, I want to see more of your work.


I loooove the Xander kit. Yours is so precious. I love how this kit is so versatile, it looks good with Caucasian and ethnic colouring. This is my boy painted by Jackie Ortiz


Very, very nice!! Love the hairline!!


Aww thank you, I’m still learning, I’ve been reborning for about a year now. I do have an Instagram page if you’d like to see, it’s quite new so not a lot on there. dandd_reborn_nursery


Thank you, yours is gorgeous :blush:


I managed to get a few more photos taken today and couldn’t resist sharing my favourites with you all.


He is adorable you should be so proud. :smile: