A differant type of reborn

Hi all -I am thinking of trying a fantisy or alien baby just for fun -what is the opinion of reborners about this type of reborn -if it is done in good taste and done well

So long as some common sense and they are not what might be considered “sic” I have no problem at all with creativity!

I voted "I like them"
I think if you found a kit with really big eyes and you “fixed it up” you could make a super cute alien baby!
And I would love to see lots of pics of whatever you choose to make.

well if I went by the poll I wouldnt do it -but I am a rebel at heart sooooooo LOL I feel alein labor pains comming on…I dont do scary or goory-cant even watch a horror flick -thats not my thing -Stef and I will do him togeather and well post pics when done-thanks for all the input its nice to know what others will think about it

I say go for it too. I admit to wanting a little Vulcan baby myself…