A creative way to use the MRS. CLAUS kit

I just seen this on etsy. Its Glenda the good witch using secrists mrs. claus. Take a look
http://www.etsy.com/listing/104096745/r … h_type=all

Just added you to my circle at Etsy, Bonnie…kudos to you for thinking outside the box! I especially LOVE your Cindy Lu Who…what a cutie!

Oh Bonnie, she is beautiful and you hit all the buttons on your Cindy Lou Who character!!! Great inspiration for us to keep pushing the limits of what we can do.
I personally love doing character dolls and yours are GREAT!!!

I do too Cindy, maybe one of these days I’ll try too. I love the creativity for the Mrs. Claus - wouldn’t it be funny to do Mrs. Claus as Mother Goose, or the Old Woman who lived in the Shoe? And Santa as the Farmer in the Dell or the Jolly Green Giant? Nursery rhyme characters (although JGG was a commercial but he did watch over the Sprout!) would fit right in with the baby themes!

that was a great idea! kudos to you!

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HEY! LOL! It’s my listing! I first made a Mother Goose doll with the Secrist kit, then I did Glinda, all to warm up for the Claus’ kits!
Wouldn’t it be fun to make a Red Hat Society woman with either of those kits, BB or Secrist? I had a buyer for Mother Goose almost immediately, but she also did receive bad feedback on another fourm. I think it’s a nice way to think outside the box of babies only; just like the pug and the monkeys, not everyone is going to like them, but at least it keeps broadening the ideas of what “reborn” is.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

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I too saw this listing and loved it.

Bonnie, any advice on how to ship such big dolls with armature? I have a few in progress toddlers, but have no clue how to sent them through the mail.

Bonnie, you should cut and paste that very useful info into the tutorial section…Many doing their first toddler would love to have it easy to find.

So creative she did an amazing job!!