A Child's Worry


Just a thought, what happens when the government tries to make some illegal or take it away? Drugs for example. The bad guys still find a way to get it. If they restricted guns, only the good guys would obey. The bad guys would have the guns and then where would we be?


Sorry I know you are all worried but, I think we should stop giving this topic legs, say our prayers for a scared little girl and talk about this elsewhere - JMO.


I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and suggestions on this. This forum has been used for people’s concerns on all types of topics and this was posted under off topic. While I appreciate Anne’s comments, I don’t understand where “elsewhere” is. I don’t talk to alot of people and don’t post personal problems often, if ever. I consider the ladies on here to be friends I am thankful for. I am just a concerned grandmother having difficulty dealing with such a terrible problem. I apologize if I offended anyone with this.


Not at all @pattyabe! This forum has an off topic section for a reason! All are welcome to talk and share, ask for prayers, whatever is on their heart and mind :sparkling_heart:


That is the truth.The Government laws will only be followed by the people who are not the ones out doing the shootings.Taking the guns away from the “Good Guys” will not help anything.


Not offended, just wanted to keep topic on your granddaughter, I will bow out of commenting as you are right it is off topic. Elsewhere would be with your government officials who can do something about it.



As a mother, I understand your concern. It’s the same with fire exercices, they give my son fear of fire. But, after all, it’s totally normal. We teach them to have fears : look two side of the road or you can be hurt by a car, put on your seatbelt in case of accident, dont talk to strangers because some are bad and could kidnap you, some spider or snake can kill you, etc…

They MUST have fears to be safe, to protect themself from danger. That’s normal, that’s life. That’s our responsability as parents to give them tools and to protect them.

Life , sadly, is not pink. Children are exposed to danger every days. The good thing is we are not in a war zone. We are lucky.

Give a big hug to your grandaughter, kiss her on the cheek, and tell her that you love her and will always be there for her. Soon, her fear will be less present.


Yes, the drug crims will still get their guns, but they do not go around shooting school children. When guns are controlled = you need license and guns are registered, those on black market become very expensive, and the small time criminals who just want to get one to rob you would not have that sort of money.

Also, when people do not have easy access to guns, less people die from suicide, while they may still try using other methods, not so many succeed.

To say that the bad media is blamed for people wanting regulation over guns, is just ridiculous. “The media” is not homogeneous entity; there are plenty for gun - FOX, Breitbart, Infowars, not to mention the Russian bots that flood the social media

The statistics are clear; more guns in society equals more gun death, and member of household that has guns has many times more chance to get shot than person who lives without guns.

We have strict gun control; that does not mean that people who shoot for sport or hunt, farmers and other people who need guns, cannot gets them. They just have to pass strict background checks. Most murders by gun are drug gang related. In America people who are on terrorist watch list are not allowed to get on a plane, but are able to buy a AR15; that is insanity.


AR15’s, AK47’s and machine guns are not needed to protect yourself and family. A simple handgun will do the job. It’s the extremely high powered weapons that people object to most.


I totally agree. I don’t know how difficult it is to get a handgun permit in other places but I do know that our county in N.C. does a pretty thorough background check and sure don’t hurry it.That said,I still say it is NOT the people who legally buy guns that are doing this kind of stuff.My brother was murdered in 2006.The man who murdered him could not buy a gun because of his criminal background.It was found that all the guns he had and he had a LOT were not purchased by him but were purchased by other people that he had to get them for him.


Your grandbaby came to you because you’re the strongest, bravest person she can turn to and rely on. That’s worth a lot and there’s no need to apologize for asking peers for support. People need people, it’s okay. It’s incredibly unlikely any of our kids will be in this situation. Hug her for me, I’m a mother myself, I’ve had my son talk with me about this as well. We’re not alone having kids with these worries.


I work in emergency medicine, this is my everyday life. I’m not going to make anyone feel sad by telling them what I see or try to forget. I’m not going to discuss politics or laws, only that we are not weak as an individual, regardless of gender or age. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone’s thoughts on politics or laws. Criminals steal all sorts of things, including firearms, people commit suicides and homicides by many different methods. The media is a method of advertising, they get more ratings, they get more money, they get more of an audience, scare then and evoke emotions, then they get more viewers… it doesn’t matter what the source sides with either way. The media manipulates people for money, it doesn’t matter as long as they get paid. I don’t play that game, I ignore any media I can that exploits human suffering for profit. I appreciate you educating me on your opinions.

Let’s support our peers. Most doll enthusiasts I know are involved for stress relief, and use forums to socialize and learn. I don’t like having my son come to me with the same concern, but he has. We talk about it. He’s not scared, because I teach him why it’s a waste of time being scared of something so unlikely.


Facts are not opinions; the figures I posted are from Bureau of Statistics. If you do not wish to read about this why did you? This section is called “off topic”, and the OP obviously wanted to share this very concerning event that is affecting school kids everywhere.


This is terrible! !
I completely agree there has to be measures in place to protect our kids better! Metal detectors. My husband had to walk through metal detectors at his high school in 1996! Criminals don’t follow laws and regulations…therefore stricter gun control won’t completely solve anything either. Criminals are not law abiding. Many of these publicized cases the shooters modified the guns -illegallly. A couple of them purchased black market guns- illegally. 19 of the recent mass shooters have legally obtained guns with history of mental illness. That needs to change!! I have 3 kids in high school. There was a young student arrested this week from their school from a video posted. It terrifies me! In the same breath this child like many of the others claimed to be bullied. There needs to be a stronger hand with that too! It’s not as “simple” as when we were kids. Now they have cyber bullies and texting bullies. I DON’T CONDONE ANY violence however I can see how some would be driven to a breaking point.


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