A Child's Worry


My granddaughter just came in my bedroom and told me that she worries about school shootings ever since this last one. She is 9 years old. It made me sad that she has to worry about things such as this. They have drills at school in case this ever happened. She said they are suppose to get behind and under the teacher’s desk and/or a desk at the back of the classroom but not everyone can do this. What a sad thing for a child to have to think about. Just venting.


I am so sorry our grands have to think about this. i am angry too! Maybe practice some drills with her, that way she will carry you in her heart as she does the drills in school. Let her know that I say prayers for her and all of the children in school!


My heart broke when I read this… I am so sorry. Please tell her that I too will pray for her safety.


I fear that a desk won’t protect them and it seems like more people would be hit if they were all clustered closely together. My 12 year old nephew has shooting drills at his school. It makes me nauseous to think children have to worry about getting shot. If I had a young child I would tell them that if shooting started to go to the edge of the room, fall to the floor and be very, very still.
Children who experience this will suffer from PTSD and anxiety for years to come. It changes who they are.
NRA or no, people in power need to do something about this. MORE guns and armed teachers is NOT the answer.


Im so sorry. It is frustrating knowing that our little once have to learn this things. Not feeling safe in school is horrible. My kids where in kindergarten and 3 grade when the schools in our area began to do intruder drills. My daughter was terrified she was in kindergarten and had to go in a dark closet with her teacher and classmates. She didn’t want to go to school the next day. It has been hard teaching our kids to be alert at all times and hug them every morning wondering if we would get them back. I like to be involve in their school and many times have been in the schools during lockdown drills and intruder drills. Is good to know what they do in order to help them better cope with the stress and fear that those drill bring. I hope we are able to do something about gun control because children should not fear going to school. It is not fare. I remember when I was in kindergarten the only thing I had to worry about was making a mess of choice in my lunch box.


That’s sad. A friend of mine posted on Facebook today. A10 year in her daughters close threatened to bring a gun a in to school n shoot people. He brought a knife to school. He was expelled. Mind you this is an elementary school. This child needs help. It’s sad the kids can’t even feel safe at school.


I feel so sad for all the children troubled by this. I’ve heard many stories of young children who are now afraid of shootings at school.
No child should have reason to be afraid like that.
I really hope the US government will do something to change this.


After the FL shooting 3 of the schools in our surrounding area had threats which has made it even harder for the kids. One school was off for 3 days while they investigated. My 15yo said she is so scared now whenever the fire alarm goes off since a lot of intruders tend to pull the fire alarms to draw out their victims. I don’t even know what to say to make her feel better. It really is a sad situation.


That is what my teachers are saying. Our school policy is to sit together in the corner and be quiet. We are not allowed to move until Code Green is called. I hate to say this, but hiding only works until you are found. Hopefully they will change the policy or something.


I hate that out kids have to deal with this. I’m in my mid-30’s, I was in High School when Columbine happened. It’s a cultural problem at it’s core. There sometimes is a good weapon kept in classrooms that no one might think. Fire extinguishers… it’s really all they are allowed to have. I work in a hospital, we’re in the same boat as far as what we can do to defend against an active shooter, and that’s what we are trained to use if we have no other choice. You spray the shooter in the face if you can, then knock them hard on the head.


That’s a good idea. I wonder how many school employees know about this.


@mollym Thank you for that info.

With a bit of luck it might work… if the person trying to use it doesn’t get shot first.

So stupid and scary… People can’t be in their right minds to do these things.


Those situations are really incredibly rare, but it’s a chance at least to try. I see plenty of gunshots in real life, often, if they’re rescued right away and medical people can go to work, we can keep the damage from taking their life. The problem with mass shootings is rescuers are afraid to start to rescue right away as they don’t often have weapons.


Unfortunately, that might not be the case in AR15 and similar weapons. I know nothing about guns, but this is what a surgeon who was trying to save the kids had to say:

Nobody should have the right to to own something that inflicts such injuries.


I can’t help wondering how many of the NRA protesters have lost THEIR children in a mass shooting. Should our teachers be expected to go to school not knowing if they’ll have to kill someone that day? I don’t think so.
Teaching didn’t used to be a dangerous job, but it certainly seems to be now.


The media seldom covers instances that demonstrate how citizens succeed in protecting themselves, the media has an agenda. However, crazy has no logic, crimes of passion are seldom thought out, most gun shots are not from these sorts of rifles, but, they’re ideal for protecting your home and family. I wouldn’t want to try to defend myself against the sort of people the police have to deal with using a rifle meant for rabbit hunting. The culture is the problem, these bad kids need some firm discipline, misfortune is no excuse for psychopathic behavior and it should no longer be tolerated. Tolerating this sort of behavior is leading to more violence against people minding their own business. This stuff didn’t happen as often 10, 20 or even 30 years ago despite more legislation being passed. Weapons didn’t change, people did. I know we all want the government to do something about it. Well, the government has trouble balancing it’s own checkbook. It’s hard to admit it but there’s stuff we can do as parents and grandparents. What we can do is instill solid values and self-sufficiency in our own kids and grand kids. Last time I went to a gun show, I saw a lot of grandmas there. I’m glad my granny packed heat too, she was a good granny, she looked out for her kids. I’m glad my mom taught me what she did. Locking doors also helps, both at home and at institutions like schools. I’ve seen some seniors start to be robbed and assaulted in their own homes because druggies are after their medications. Like I said, these mass violence tantrums are a product of poor cultural values, that’s the core of the issue.


Sorry, deleted my angry post!


I hate to say this but if you girls are not armed and trained how to use that gun,you need to consider it. The people that do not need a gun are the ones with mental issues and nobody should ever allow a teenager or any other person that has had any type of mental problems to own a gun.


I have to agree with MaryJane, we should all know some way to defend ourselves and our kids. Us women aren’t as big and strong as a lot of guys either. I also believe that women have a stronger instinct to fight to the death for our kids. Guns are good defense when you have some distance, my dad gave me a large heavy flashlight when I went to college, and taught me how to use it. It wasn’t really for seeing in the dark. So, something is better than nothing at all. Knowing exits where you spend a lot of time is also a good idea. Whatever we can do to empower our kids and ourselves is always best.

We’re all really angry about all this non-sense violence going around. Our kids are going to school, not joining the mafia, they shouldn’t have these worries at all. I saw an exercise where school kids were trying different methods to deal with a lock-down. I think the best one was when the pretend attacker opened the door and they all started throwing things as a distraction… but there really is no good solution for the kids. We were all scared when Columbine happened. My school started locking the doors. Until that happened, we didn’t even realize how vulnerable we were all the time. This is how I grew up, as kids I think we all realized right then that the world wasn’t what we had been told it was. I still talk to my old classmates about this stuff now, and a whole lot of them are teachers! One of them works in a prison… I’m just glad that adults are starting to talk, but we need to do it on a local level first. The kids might have good ideas too, so we should listen to them as well. What works for one community isn’t likely to work in another.

Oh, and I just remembered a thing… when my son was younger, and he was upset about something, we would play the ‘I wish’ game… and you just go back and forth with wishes that you would want to happen and that always seemed to calm him down. Maybe that will calm your grand daughter too?


Honestly, coming from a country where guns are only owned by police officers and such, it seems super weird to me that regular people have them lying around the house, or even worse, carrying them around. There are many ways to protect yourself.
Even during times when I feared for my safety, I never thought, gee, I wish I had a gun.