A box opening!

My Thanksgiving swap baby arrived today! Please help me welcome him/her.


A beaytiful birth certificate and letter…Oh! And I see pink!


I wonder who is inside that little pink bundle.


Well , just who is that behind that fancy pacifier?


It’s a most beautiful baby Sarah by Kim Van Dewettering!


Look at her adorable ruffled bottom.


This precious baby was from jodiwitz. Thank you so much Jodi. I love everything about little Sarah!
Her hair, skin tones and all of her tiny details are perfect! Her outfit is gorgeous and I especially
love the fancy diaper that you made for her. I am a VERY happy lady today!!!

how sweet is she??? lucky you she is adorable and that dress is beautiful…

Congrats on receiving a beautiful baby!

She’s beautiful! Congratulations!

What a gorgeous dress for a gorgeous baby.

Awww…so so pretty!! All of these babies have been worth the extra day or two wait You just can’t rush a good delivery…lol

Hi, Judy,

I’m so glad you like her. I had a great time making her for you

Oh Judy, she is so beautiful!! You must be a very happy mommy!

Thanks for letting us open her with you…I love that part of the swap & I think it is very thoughtful of you!


She is a cute one Judy

She’s beautiful Judy…I bet you’re just thrilled with her! Good job on her, Jodi! Enjoy!

Thank you, Gerry I had a great time painting her and girling her up, tho the paci turned out a ‘bit’ overdone, not quite how I’d imagined, LMBO!