8 Month Brooklyn Crawling is Here! New Release!


Good evening,

We have exciting news! A new Realborn® is available on our website now! You can make this adorable chubby girl yours today: Realborn® Brooklyn Crawling. She is approximately 24 inches long when completed. She comes with full arms and legs as well as a torso.

It was such a joy working with the real baby Brooklyn, and we are thrilled to see her brought to life in these adorable Realborns. We look forward to seeing all the cute reborns of her yet to come.

We also have another adorable version of Brooklyn coming soon! Be on the lookout for her sleeping version. You can sign up to be notified of her release here: 8 Month Brooklyn Sleeping.

Have an amazing weekend!

Bountiful Baby

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It’s a pass for me. That kit did not translate well :grimacing: the real baby is beautiful though!


Same. I like the thought but not my cup of tea.

Sleeping Brooklyn though… she will be mine :wink: But hoping she is good vinyl and no paint or flange issues :heart:


Is this the same Brooklyn as the newborn?