7 WIP babies 2


Creases, shading, yellow & blue undertones and lips colored in so far, what do you think?? Really enjoying making these babies.


Just want to make sure you have some of their limbs mixed up?


I purposefully switched Dominic and Marissa limbs, as they are more proportioned for their heads. Is that a bad thing? Before I give them their individual skin tones if it’s something that’s going to mess up sales please let me know! :yum:


I dont think so. Just state it.

It may void the COA if they are first kits


Oh okay thanks :yum:


Yeah there’s nothing wrong with doing that if that is what you like. Us fellow artists just notice everything lol! Someone might point it out again if you post. I think we just want to make sure you didn’t switch them by accident :blush:


Who is baby 3,5 and 6? They have really cute faces.

  1. Is Joseph asleep 5. Is Jaxson asleep and 6. Is Dominic Asleep