7 month June, due date!


I think I read she’s 28” to his 25 but they share a torso


My oven is just going to have to handle her because she’s going to be in my checkout in mins lol


We just received an update and have updated the out of stock kits page, found here:

7 Month June Awake and Asleep are now expected to arrive in the last week of April. If there are no more delays, she should be released that last week. There is also the chance that she will not be released until early May, though. We are anxious for her to arrive as well, she is a cutie for sure!

@katieperry 7 Month June does take the same belly plates as 3 Month Joseph. She is a couple of inches taller than Joseph, but she is the same wide as Joseph was. :wink:



Oh I’m going to cry. I’m going to be away the last week of April and early May. :sob:


Thank you!! I am so excited! Now do I want awake or asleep… or both! :heart_eyes:


@katieperry you want both so easier this way and your dilemma is solved :joy:


I’m going to have to get out the credit card just don’t let my husband know :ok_hand:


I wish we could preorder so I could get my fix :slight_smile:


My heart… look at this picture!! OMG :heart_eyes: I can not wait… :sparkling_heart:


I’m having panic attacks at this stage lol I’ve paid my artist in full and there’s still no kit, I wish we knew the date @bountifulbaby I’m dying for a cuddle!


Any Hints, Please? Just please with a cherry on top? :joy: It’s May 6th. :hugs::star_struck::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ok I’m tired of waiting now. I want my baby JUNE!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: lol


I’m guessing it’ll be any day now. They’d said Early May . I thought I wanted sleeping June but now I want awake. What to do …


It’s May 10th. :slight_smile: Anyone know Anything? lol


LLE Alfie preorder started today :smiley:
Sorry, I was trying to be positive :wink:


Her preorder started today? :open_mouth:


lol No thank you Dear! I’m waiting for June if it kills me LOL


I preordered both of the awake and asleep versions of June on Dollsgarden in Germany (I’m in France) so Im getting her as well :wink:


Ohhh I wish we could pre-order June!! I can’t wait to see yours!! :star_struck:


We don’t get ours until after they get them in here first so you are more lucky than I am :wink: