7 month June, due date!


Is anyone else dying to get the 7 month baby June? The artist I asked to reborn her for me has the eyes and the hair just waiting for her torso and the rest of her, she’s so beautiful, I hope she’s released early April so I can have her for my birthday, how many of you guys are excited? I’ve been counting the days down to April :joy: :joy:


I’m excited to see everyone’s versions of her. I won’t be getting her probably even though I do want her.


I have developed a love of these bigger babies, so I’m looking forward to her as well!


Im excited too. Im getting both the awake and asleep versions :slight_smile:


Yesss I can’t wait!!


I’ve been counting the Seconds as soon as I saw her!!! I’m So excited!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


B.B.- can you PLEASE RELEASE HER TODAY??? I’m begging!!


Amen!!! We want her now LOL


@EmilyBB, any estimated date for June 7 months old kit ?


Yes an estimate would be so wonderful!! :heart_eyes:


I’ve been counting the days too! I really hope it’s soon because my artist is going away for the end of April :pensive:


My only problem with the June kits is I can’t afford both and can’t decide which one I want most. I guess my June will be asleep or awake depending on which one is released first. If they are both released at the same time, I’m in trouble. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lol that’s my same problem. Love them both so much!


I’m all for the awake one, I have these beautiful Spanish brown eyes, I only have one sleeping baby and that’s Joseph he’s adorable but I just love June’s awake expression! I’m so hoping she will be released maybe this week or the next because my reborn artist is going away at the end of the month :pensive:


The awake one is adorable. I love her smile and everything about her. But the sleeping one looks so real. I’m sure I’ll eventually get both. But it’s hard to decide which one I love most. :heart:


@bbsupport is there any estimate date for the release of 7 month June I’ve tried emailing and I got nothing please help!


Yes…please may we have the estimated date? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m going out of my mind at this point lol :joy:


:rofl::sweat_smile: Nothing we can do but wait it out lol


I was just wondering about June also!! Now she is the same size a 3 month Joseph?