7 Different BB Kits DEAL OF THE DAY!

Hi Everyone!

This time (for Tuesday, January 7th) we are putting SEVEN different BB kits on the DEAL OF THE DAY! Plus, an 8th kit, our DEAL OF THE DAY for Monday is remaining on sale for a few more hours!

The seven new ones are…

  1. Our large 32" Grandma kit for ONLY $6.98! Yes, a complete kit for ONLY $6.98!
  2. Our BIG baby Juan, a 28" kit for ONLY $19.98!
  3. Emma, a 10" mini-baby kit for ONLY $9.98!
  4. Our Factory Prepainted Princess Pug Dog for ONLY $19.98!
  5. Cici, our 17" chimp for ONLY $12.98!
  6. Ladybug, a BIG 26" baby girl for ONLY $19.98!
  7. Hailey, a BIG 28" baby girl for ONLY $19.98!

Click Emma’s picture on our home page to see all seven of these DEAL OF THE DAY kits. Or, just click the link below:


Thanks so much, everyone!

Bountiful Baby

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