5th ooak in the making

hi ladie,s this is my 5th ooak baby ready for the oven tonight fingers crossed it dosent crack ,do you think boy or girl ? magsbk

Def boy! Good luck fingers crossed for you!

thanks pam he baked ok ,now for the limbs and painting magsbk

You are welcome! Glad he baked ok!! I’m gonna try one of these days! lol
He reminds me of my nephew when he is concentrating on going to the bathroom!
He gets that same intense look on his face! Too funny. Can’t wait to see him


Wow, that is so awesome. I wouldn’t even dare try to sculpt. Will he be a kit?

haha thanks pam that made me chuckle, foxmom sorry i dont know your name ,thank you ,no hun he wont be a kit its just a hobby magsbk

I think he looks great I’m impressed.

He …yes he is very cute. You are good and definitely could produce kits form your sculpt!

I also think thats a boy, look at that little expression on his face. Great job of sculpting and I think you should re-consider about not making him (into a kit) baby! I think he is very good. He looks like he was thinking man that was a traumatic experience coming into this world! Cute

hi ladie,s please meet baby boo finished this morning magsbk

He is adorable!!! Great job.

He is gorgeous. I won’t even think about sculpting at this point. Compliments to you. Love him.
How did you do that???

Oh he should definitly be a kit, I’m sure he would do well for you

I agree, he’s amazing!! You are very very talented!!