4th of July Patriotic Baby Swap

Hi everyone! Remember the Easter Swap before the board closed? Well Mistee & Jamie started a new site in order to get everyone back together for it. They scrambled and found as many people as they could that had signed up. Unfortunately they couldn’t find everyone and by the time this board reopened it was too close to deadline.
Soooo now we have decided to do another swap & we all hope all our BB friends will please come join the fun. Please!

Come to wereborn.com

stop by to see all the Easter babies that are being posted, so precious!!

hope you join us for the swap!

How do we sign up?

go to wereborn.com

i think you have to join and then find the post in the swap section… you will be pm’ing me your info there!

we are finishing up an easter one right now and it has been a lot of fun!

I did three baby’s in the easter swaps and i tell you it was so much fun… now Toddlers are a chose and Twins are on the list also This is going to be a fantastic swap … … come on over you will love it… sherrie