4oz Matte Varnish Duration

For ladies who use to apply a great coat of Matte Varnish (GHSP) in their babies (mixing with thinning medium or some other thinner), how long does your 4oz (118ml) bottle use to last? I mean, how many babies, more or less, you are able to seal with it?
Also, after a lot of time, do it use do stop working?
I’m asking because I want to know how many bottles I should order at a time…

Heat set or air dry? What size bottle are you talking about? A little goes a long way.

4 oz of Genesis matte varnish would last me for so many babies I would loose track of how many it would be. So many!


I went two years with mine and probably could go another two. But I have switched to Americana soft touch so I no longer use it.

A word of advice. Go very light with your heat set varnish or your baby will look chalky. Bake 3 times cooling in between.

Americana Soft Touch is hard to find now!

II just e-mailed DecoArt. Soft Touch Varnish is not being discontinued. Production is at 50% due to Covid-19. They hope to have some soon. It’s out of stock pretty much everywhere.


I’m assuming since you said 4oz your asking about GHSP? If so a jar will last me about 20 or so babies. An 8oz jar or bottle of air dry will last like 6-10 babies or so for me. But it also depends on if you thin it and all that. If you don’t have a varnish that you use I’d personally just buy one bottle to see if you like that brand to avoid being stuck with a bunch of something that ends up not working well for you. Oh and I think they’d have to sit for years before it’s not good anymore.

I was referring to the 4oz (118ml) heat set varnish

Oh, I hope it’s the same for me :heartbeat: Until now, the bigger bottle I’ve got has only 1/4oz and I didn’t use this one in an entire doll yet, so I don’t have so much of an ideia about how long a bigger bottle might last

Thank you for the advice! Sometimes they’ve already looked chalky, but I would apply a coat of thinning medium and bake again and it’d go back to the normal look. I do prefer using a pretty good layer of thematte varnish because I get nervous that the paint might disappear along the time… I always feel that the non-varnished areas fade away very easily.
By the way, do you use the Americana Soft Touch on top of the heat set paints? Can you say why do you prefer it over the GHSP varnish?

I’ve only bought the 2 ounce jars from bountiful baby. They last me a really long time. I don’t even think I use more than a teaspoon on each doll, probably less.

Oh, by the way, did you already sell your last GHSP varnish or did you prefer to keep it? (If you’d want to sell, I could want to buy it)

Thank you for this update, Jean! About a week ago Home Depot had it marked as discontinued. I wrote to DecoArt to ask if it was true and hadn’t heard back from them. Today when I went to the Home Depot product page again, it no longer says “being discontinued.”

Omg, that’s music to my ears :rofl: 'cause one of my “consuming dreams” in reborning is to get to use as much varnish as I want, lol! When I was buying my first varnishes, I didn’t know they would last almost nothing (I ordered the small version), and it takes a very expensive shipping price and a long time to come. So I was afraid of using too much, even tough my idea was doing so.

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Yes just buy a big one, more for your money

I use heatset paint and finish with Americana Soft touch. I can’t stand shiny babies so I would use strait matt mixed with odorless thinner. My dolls were always very rough to the touch but to me that was better then shine. At the recommendation of this group I tried soft touch mixed with corn starch. What a game changer! Soft, smooth finish and no shine.

Does it last a lot? I’m afraid that I change the products I use and they fade away more easily… won’t it crack along the time?

Varnish doesn’t have to be thick to be effective. I apply it thinly with a brush and then pounce or blot with a cosmetic sponge. Any varnish will crack if it’s too thick. The Soft Touch varnish is not UV protective so I apply an undercoat of DecoArt DuraClear Ultra Ultra Matte Varnish. I add a little bit of cornstarch to both.