3m Joseph now Haven


Here’s baby Haven Emerald, or 3m Big Joe as a girl. She was a custom and boy did she test my patience. Never again, even for a custom order, will I paint this sculpt. I didn’t like it to begin with and even though she turned out good, I’m still not a fan. On the bright side, I love bb’s new mohair! It’s so soft and silky and was awesome to root.


Maybe you don’t care for her, but her forever mommy is going to love her! Her hair looks great too.


She’s Adorable! Yes, the big babies are so much work! Awesome rooting!


Thank you both!


She’s beautiful great job and I love her name!!


Very cute!




If I had to root, I wouldn’t be a fan either. This head is as big as mine. Lol

She turned out beautiful though. I’m sure her mommy is thrilled.


I think she is beautiful.


I am not a an of this sculpt either, but yours turned out great! I think it’s my favorite baby of yours that I saw so far! Her second picture that you posted here is the best picture of big J. that I ever saw posted - beautiful close-up.
Great work!
What is the name of the color of this mohair? Is t Premium HP-Babylocks?


Yup, it’s hp baby locks. It’s the chocolate brown color and it’s lovely!
Thanks everyone! Her mama is super happy with her, so I’m happy! Just not painting this kit ever again lol


Its more labor intensive but I like painting the bigger babies. For not enjoying creating her, you did a great job!


I like the bigger babies a lot too, I just didn’t like the sculpt so painting her was a chore. It’s why I usually don’t paint kits I don’t like. I had to force myself to work on her because I didn’t really want to but I knew she had a happy mama waiting for her.


Yeah, Ive been there before :wink:


Beautiful! Love her :heart_eyes: