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@BBMelinda I am curious (You remember – Curious minds just want to know and I am one of them. :slight_smile: ) I know you guys got the new 3D printer (I think that was it) last year sometime. What do you use it for? I have never seen one or how it works. Do you make parts for the babies with it? Just curious. If you can’t answer for some reason, I will understand. :slight_smile:

They use it for scans of the Realborns. Somewhere here there’s an explanation and video of it but I can’t remember the title of the thread.

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I thought they used a scanner for the scanning. The only 3D printers I have heard of were for printing 3D objects. I am just curious. :slight_smile:

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You might be right. I’m not sure…

Well, I guess I am not either. That is why I asked Melinda. She would know. :slight_smile: I know that they can print parts of the body (these may just still be in the early stages). Our son’s dentist can print a cap for teeth in his office. It is amazing. I was just wondering how it came into play with the babies. :slight_smile: It would be cool to be able to see them scanning and printing, etc. in action. But, that is not even a feasible thought. :slight_smile:


I think they print out the 3D digital sculpt once she gets it pieced together and that is what is sent to the factory to mold.

Here is the video again :slight_smile:


I think you are correct, @jlesser. Thanks for posting the link again. :slight_smile:


The 3D printer is used to print the completed digital sculpt into parts that can be molded to create vinyl:}) We’ve been using 3d printers for as long as we have been scanning realborns, In the video where I explain the process, you’ll see me holding brown parts(right around 6 minutes and 40 seconds) those are printed parts. And the completed arm is what we would send to our factory for producing the kits.

lol some bonus info( that nobody probably cares about) the printed feet are test prints of of realborn felicity’s feet, the hand and arm are realborn steven, as well as the face I show up close. the 3 face prints in the background are Realborns Alma asleep, Alma awake and the Steven awake face print(little easter egg)) :smile:


Oooooh I love these little bits of trivia :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Steven is adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. From what I can tell lol


Thank you, Melinda! After @jlesser had explained that part, I kinda figured it out. But, I am happy that you expounded up on it more fully. :wink: It must be so neat to watch the printer make parts. At least in the beginning. After awhile it probably just becomes part of the job. :slight_smile:


yeah, I’m coming up on 9 years working with scanning and printing… the excitement of learning is gone, but completing new dolls and seeing which ones everyone likes the most is always fun! :grin:


I love when Melinda comes on and increases our knowledge. :slight_smile:
So neat to see, read new information


He really is, hopefully we will get our vinyl prototypes soon!


This poor baby would be graduating from high school by now right? Little trouble maker! Reminds me of the crazy dreams that I have that I realize I’ve been pregnant for five years lmao!

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HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA! not quite that long, but he appeared in our pamphlet in 2014 so it’s been 6 years

His scans took FOREVER to get together. and we didn’t have a lot to work with either when it came to the limbs…in the video when I ever so slightly mention it can takes months and even be in the works for years, yeah it can literally take years:( average time from the scanning starting to the vinyl kit being released is about 2 years(some being closer to 9 months and others being closer to 1 year and 9 months) right now, with all the delays 2020 has brought on it’s closer to the 2 year mark.

But at least real pregancies don’t vary like that LOL


Can you imagine?!?!?

You guys should do something really special when he’s finally done! He’s been a long time coming! When did the first realborns get released! Was he part of that first batch? Maybe a limited edition rerelease of all the first realborns Hahahaha - now that I have them all :crazy_face:


The last few weeks feel like years :wink: lol


Absolutely! Me, too.

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I’ll mention it to Jessica:) I don’t do anything with the kits after the Vinyl prototypes go to the prototype artists.

I was wanting to do a fun party in my office at work when I completed the 100 realborn, but when I went back and counted it I already passed 100, but I think it’s still under 100 for what has been released…now I need to go look :sweat_smile:

It’s at 111, if you count awake versions of a kit separate from the asleep
74 is the count if you count the Baby