3D hair painting tutorial in blond


Considering to sale my 3 D hair painting tutorial by Christine Whoolley .
I used it for 3 heads only . Waiting for the brown one as I am not into blind babies as much and won’t really consider to paint blond hair .
I will look up the price and figure out a fair price for it + shipping .
I was wondering if anyone would be interested at all .
The kit would come with everything what I recieved .

Thank you


I would be interested depending on the price. I haven’t been able to afford to purchase at the price they are selling at.


I am interested also, depend on the price.


I might be as well.


I might be depending on the price…


Same as all of the above!


Hi all . I would be happy to sale for $90 including shipping .


Can you post pictures of the kit please? I’m not familiar


I will take picture soon as I have some time but you can google 3D hair painting tutorial by Christine Woolley and will be faster ( I am a bit busy today )


Is the paint air dry? Would you seal it with heat set matte? I would love to try her tutorial out but I have never used air dry and not sure how it would work over the heat set paints.


I used it over GHSP . I let it dry afte each layer. Usually painted the layers of hair in the evenings and let it dry over the night also until next evening .
The tutorial shows you to do about 5 layers to achieve the 3D look . After finished with all waited to dry and there is included the airdry sealer .
She has everything numbered and named what is for . For me was easy to use but I am not that into blond hair and waiting for the brown hair tutorial and paints .


Did you sell?


Hi Nikki . Yes it’s sold


Well then… Congrats!!!