3 Month Joseph Realborn


Hi there, am so very sorry for your loss! I do customs, and happen to be working on 3 month old Joseph realborn kit. The one I am doing, has curly blonde hair. Have been an artist nearly 12 years now. My doll business, is on Facebook and it=s named; Tina’s Cuddly Angels. If you’re interested, please look at my babies on my page there. My name is Tina Cole, that is how you can find my business as well.
Take care. Tina ps, I do not see anything where I can show my work on here.


I messaged you on Facebook & have had no response also my baby will be a custom. Black brown hair olive skin tone.


Any update when 3month Joseph will be back in stock? I bought 2 bodies from @RoseannsBoutique and now need the kits? Lol


Are you on the BB list to be notified when hes back in stock?

There are over 1000 people on his waiting list :open_mouth:


Thank you yes I am on the list. I didn’t know that there are over 1000 people on the waiting list.:crying_cat_face:


I’m not one of them lol :blush:


Where are all the Joseph kits that got sold the first time around? I’ve seen quite a few made and listed. But not nearly enough to match how many were sold. I hope this isn’t a kit that is always going to be bought in bulk by hoarders just wanting to hog all the kits. :grimacing:
I just need a head. I burned mine. Come back baby Joe. We need you. :tired_face:


Oh My goodness, I want to squeeze that chunker! He is adorable! Sadly I missed out on the kit but once it is replenished and on sale, he’s mine!


I just saw a video on utube of a 3 month joseph purchased off e-bay that when recieved, was filled (limbs, body head) with aquarium gravel, decorating glass stones AND these awful driveway gravel size stones,shoved down into limbs! iF YOU ARE PAYING THAT MUCH FOR A KIT, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU RUIN IT BY USING SUCH THINGS?


Wow. I really don’t get people like that. Glass beads are maybe $5-$10 extra? I’d be afraid the gravel would cut the vinyl up with its sharp edges!


Wow! I just looked this video up. Really?! What was she thinking? How would anyone ever think all this trash should go inside a doll?! :flushed::rage:


:astonished:that’s just wrong


Is it actually shown coming from the doll or is it just showing what they claim came from it ? Sorry but I am just a big doubting Thomas of late .
People u tube so many things to get hits and filtering out the actual facts from false is getting really hard for me .


It looks legit. She shows the stuff coming from the limbs and head. But she doesn’t show cutting cable ties. So it is possible she altered it before making the video. But from my perspective, I believe she’s posting as it was purchased. Here’s the video. You can decide for yourself. :grimacing:


I think its legit because she is not trying to get anything from anyone or even to drag anyones name through the mud as she does not mention the name of the “artist”. Sounds like she bought him because of his low price to fix him and he does look far better now. At least she got him but I can’t believe someone would stick rocks inside a baby…was that supposed to feel real? Crazy!
If she wanted to get him up in weight all she had to do was get some steel shot, I just bought some to help weight larger babies but would never use anything else but glass beads for weight.


I agree. Usually when I hear of these kinds of videos I’m skeptical, wondering why someone would spend so much on a doll and disassemble it anyway. But in this case, you would be able to hear the rattling and feel the huge rocks. That would drive anyone nuts. No wonder she took it apart! And like you said, she didn’t name the artist. And she didn’t even try to plug her own nursery name. If she was doing this for the wrong reasons she would have plugged herself, announcing her ability to fix bad reborns for people. She actually handled this very discretely and matter of fact.


I know right! Can"t imagine putting a doll together like that :pensive:


@bountifulbaby any word on the Restock of this kit?
I’m currently watching like a hawk, the kit is so perfect that I absolutely need one. Lol


September! https://bountifulbaby.com/pages/out-of-stock-kits


I was on an artists site the other day and she stated in her intro that she used aquarium gravel, I’ve always just used micro glass beads, poly pellets and polyfill