3 Month Joseph Realborn


Yes, he will take size 3 diapers. :slight_smile:


I would be soooo sad! I have never ever felt like I needed to preorder a kit until this one and that isn’t even an option!:sob::sob::sob:


Such a beautiful lil babe


Look at him! Rolls for days! Love him!


He is a must have, LOVE him !


He is beyond perfect! I cannot wait for him. Chubby realistic babies are so hard to find. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️
I hope Bountiful baby will also do a wide open eye version of him. He’s just too sweet …


This is the baby I have been waiting for. Can not wait for his release.


Me either, but I am pre ordering this little man :grinning:


I hope they stock alot of him because he will sell out fast. Best realborn yet.


I too would love an open eyed version by of this little chunky monkey! He is too cute for words!


He may honestly be the absolute ROUNDEST baby I have ever seen. OMG. I wish I could squeeze him.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make an awake version. <<< this is me begging lol


I wish the nuwave came in a larger size… lol


YESSSS! :laughing:


do you know the release date


My grandson was the same and my daughter was only breastfeeding. At first she was having trouble getting her milk to come in and I told her to have one dark beer a day. When she took him in to see the doctor she asked what she was feeding him and she told her that she was just breast feeding and that she was drinking a Guinness every day…she said that she thought maybe she really didnt need the beer anymore because she obviously had super milk LOL
He’s about 5 months here…my daughter makes costumes for them every year, they were the Flinstones that year :slight_smile:


They said somewhere between late July and mid August. This is the first kit I’ve ever been on watch for so I’m not sure if they usually stay on schedule or not.


Holy cow he’s over $3k on eBay



I will definitely be ordering this kit he looks similar to my love who passed away may 22nd 2013 whose name also just happens to be named Joseph. This baby will be an absolute angel that I will cherish forever. If anyone knows a artist in the USA that takes customs & does not have a long waiting list & reasonable on price please let me know. Thanks so much. Btw the real baby is absolutely adorable so congrats to his mommy.emphasized textstrong text


I am so very sorry for your loss. He has the most beautiful infectious smile! I am excited for you to find such a perfect match to have a cherished custom made from!


Thanks I miss him every day was talking to a friend about him earlier & I was busting up laughing I miss him so much thank god for memories we share together he still makes me happy even though he’s no longer on this earth.