3 Month Joseph Realborn


Those outifts are precious!!


The belly plate will be sold separately most likely.



Will it be a gendered belly plate? Or non gender? Thank you :heart:


Here is a picture Maire shared on her facebook!


Thank you so much lol! I don’t have Facebook but I’m thrilled I can make a girl now lol :heart:


I can’t get over those LEGS!!! :open_mouth: :heart_eyes:

More pics on Ebay, click on SEE FULL ITEM DESCRIPTION:


Wow!! He is super chunky!


Thanks for sharing the actual kit. I think this bruiser will be a boy when I reborn it! You never can tell though! I am looking forward to this indeed! Those thighs! My my!


Those legs! :heart_eyes:


His legs are almost on a par with the Hailey toddler kit they are so chunky but in a good way .


People have gone nuts for him on Instagram too. Everyone wants him! People are so funny though. Someone commented that they must been feeding him cornbread. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hope BB realizes how popular he will be and orders extra. It will suck tremendously if he sells out immediately, then we have to wait months for a new shipment.


He is adorable, I hope he wakes up!


I was thinking the same thing! :smile:


How funny! I had a lot of people joke that my milk must have been all cream. He was 100% nursing at that age, so no cornbread yet, lol. :wink:

His items are on the website now, there will be an info page with more pictures soon, but here are the links for now:

3 Month Joseph: https://bountifulbaby.com/products/8155

Belly Plate: https://bountifulbaby.com/products/8156

@vcasborn His plate is gender neutral.



I just have to post one more real baby photo while we wait for his info page to be launched. :slight_smile:

My mom (Denise Pratt) told me I had better photograph his (the real Joseph’s) legs really well, because otherwise no one will believe they were really that wide!



Oh my goodness…LOVE this little chub!!! :blue_heart:


He is sooooooo cute! :heart_eyes:


Omigosh!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Jessica, can you perhaps tell me if size 3 diapers will fit this kit? Much appreciated.


He is so Adorable!!!:two_hearts: