3 Month Joseph Realborn


@bountifulbaby Jessica ~ should we be buying size 3/6 or 6/9???

Will the tummy plate be available, too?

I mean…ahem…for those of us who like to shop early and be ready for our little chub! :blush:


Baby shower :joy: with a July or August date we have rime to register lol


I CAN’T BELIEVE HIS LEGS OMG!!! :heart_eyes:


Well I hope BB have a good supply on hand LOL


That is what I’m saying! LOL!! He will be a sell out I am sure.


Oh wow, I’ve loved reading all of these kind comments, it made my day!

@kareninflorida His clothing size will be right around size 6 months. The exact sizing will depend on the brand and style. He will need clothes that will fit his huge tummy. :wink: Anything that would fit a chubby 6 month old baby should work.

@honojane Yes, he has a chubby tummy plate that will be available as well when he is released.



Thanks, Jessica ~ we can shop now! :smile:


He won’t all fit in the nuwave :grimacing:. He’s adorable. :kissing_heart:


Cant wait to do this little guy, love his chunkyness, he will be another keeper :grimacing:


I can’t wait for this little chunky guy, I’ve been waiting for a bub this chubby he’s gorgeous. My 2 boys were heavy but skinny things so i love the chubby bubs :):grinning:


Carters coupon:

CART0352 for 20% purchases off $40 or more



Cool!! TY! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! Love helping my friends spend money! :smile:


Thank you! I didn’t need anymore clothing but I am getting some more anyhow. I love a good deal.


We have to be ready for when he arrives.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…
so fun to shop for a bigger baby for a change :blush:


I’m a pretty good enabler too Karen!! :rofl::heart:


The expected release date is close enough to my birthday to make this an excusable buy :laughing: he is just TOO cute!!


The real challenge will be to find shoes that fit. Even his feet are chubby. :grin: Sylvia posted a picture of the blank kit next to her 9 month old daughter. Looked like the same size. She thinks he will wear 6-9 months.


Thanks, but I’m all set with that. :joy:


Will the plate be included or sold separate?