3 Month Joseph, by Silvia Ezquerra, on eBay!

Silvia has done it again! Her 3 Month Joseph prototype is nothing short of perfection! His auction is featured on our home page now (in the first bubble) at: https://bountifulbaby.com/

We also have exciting news! Realborn® 3 Month Joseph is arriving sooner than expected! He will be released on our website very soon (THIS WEEK!), so be sure to watch for his release!

Have a great weekend!
The Bountiful Baby Family


He is adorable! Such a great job!

This week!? My bank account is not prepared, haha! Absolutely stunning prototype.


Looks like I will be waiting! Wasn’t expecting this week. No funds for him right now.

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Am I the only one who doesn’t care for fat babies. I think about rashes in the summertime{live in Fl.} & the creation of all those extra fat holding cells that don"t ever go away. I don’t care for scraney babies, just a happy medium. Sorry if I hurt any ones feelings-not my intention Each to his own.


Everyone already knows that I’m excited. I love his size and every ounce of his chub. I have been itching for a bigger baby for a long time now, but there are so few options in this 3-6 month size. I hope BB will continue scanning the babies when they get a little older and making new kits in the bigger sizes. Like rrreeeaaalllyyy hope @bountifulbaby. Hint hint. :joy:


I like babies of all sizes. Two of mine were fat like Joseph. We live in Texas. They never had rashes. And I don’t know what you mean by extra fat holding cells that don’t ever go away. What does that mean? One of my “fat babies” is now 7 and normal size. My other is 21. He’s 6 foot 1 inches…and only 110 pounds. No eating disorder or health issues. Just insanely high metabolism. Obviously extra fat holding cells isn’t a real thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Even the real baby thinned out pretty quickly. I saw him on one of BBs videos as a toddler. He looked average size to me.

My last baby went through a really chunky stage where she had like 3 rolls on her legs. She is 4 and pretty thin. It’s me who apparently is holding onto extra fat cells from having 3 babies and taking up painting as my favorite hobby. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I was 11lbs at birth. I was really chunky as a baby but once I was walking I thinned out and stayed thin. I think by the time I was 3 months I was 25lbs. Breastfed for the first year of my life.


Sophiasdolls my last baby was almost 10 pounds at birth and did not lose the normal few ounces in the hospital. At 1 year he wore 3T clothing. He was also breastfed for the first year of his life and actually until he was 17 months. But the first year he only had tastes of “real” food. He is now almost 37, over 6 ft, and not at all fat. He is not real skinny – just about right.


Definitely getting him!! I’ve been waiting for a BIG sleeper :slight_smile:


Is he really all that big?? I saw that he uses the 300 body and that’s Grants body so is he only going to be about 23"?? He’s just really chunky!! I think he should be about Landon’s size, just chubbier, what do you all think??

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His current auction said size 9 mo clothes but maybe it’s just because of the chunks! Idk

I’m thinking that too. He’s just a little butterball.

I wonder if she used a bigger body? His auction said 25" long…

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I was wondering that too. Could be.

In any case I’ve been after a pretty sleeping toddler or giant baby. Want to make him real heavy just to hold and lay on me:) plus I could have different clothing options.

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