3 mo. Joseph bodies


What a little chubster Joseph is.
These bodies are $18+shipping.


Do you have a pic with the limbs?


I want one.


I do…sorry theres a diaper as well but Im certain there are others with pictures of Roseann’s bodies



Is the butt gathered also? @RoseannsBoutique


Looking at that body almost makes me want 3 month Joseph, lol! @Lil and @DollyPardon very nice Josephs.


Thank you ladies for providing some pictures for me. Simone, yes there is gathers in the bum as well as the chest. I’ll send you a pm.


I won’t use the recommended body unless I do a version with that torso coming out. Like this, he can wear 12 month clothing. Shopping is so much fun. :smile:


I feel this is the correct body for the size of this chubster. My niece is 6 months old with legs nearly this fat and she is wearing 12 month clothes. A few 9 months but 12 months is what she mostly wears.


This makes me like the kit a little more. I disliked the proportions on the recommended realborn body so I couldn’t bring myself to buy him. His thighs seemed to stick out the sides of a skinny body - like a very unfortunate set of saddlebags. Your body is perfect!


Thank you Sony.


IM SO GLAD TO KNOW YOU MAKE REGULAR BODIES!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ Yay!!!


Yes ma’am, I sure do. Give me a holler if you need something.


I sure will!!!


I’d like one please do you have AA fabric?


I’ve sent you a PM.


Big Joe got changed to a boy per the new mommy’s request. Here he is sitting without his legs crossed. He wears 9-12 month clothing with this body.


He is adorable! Love that outfit!


I love him. He makes a gorgeous baby girl too. I loved him in that dress. :blush: