3 mo. Joseph as a girl?


Has anyone done 3 mo Joseph as a girl?


Go to reborns.com and search Joseph. It looks like more often than not, people have made him a girl. He’s super cute either way. :slight_smile:



this one was done with my granddaughter hair. A little long for the age of the doll but it’s what she wanted



I keep calling mine a she so we shall see :wink:


Yes, and she looks great as a girl! Here is mine and I am almost finished with another one but a boy.


@greta When I first saw that pic I thought it was real! Wow

@evelyn Oh my gosh — cuteness!!! Just adorable!!


Thank you


I have a hard time making boys for some reason. Here are the two I have done so far.


These babies are just all too cute thank you.


How does she feel when you hold her? Is she too big to be cuddly? This question is for everyone, lol.


I put mine on a bigger body and she did end up being kind of cuddly, but I think the size does interfere. This one is more fun to dress, @Anne.