2nd NuWave down


My second NuWave is out!
The fan doesn’t work anymore. :cold_sweat:


Dang. That stinks. :cry:


And another one bit the dust.I bet they sell more nuwaves to reborners than anybody else and we wear them out like crazy.lol I just ordered my replacement for mine the dome cracked on 2 days ago and it says will be delivered tomorow. BonTon $69.99 free shipping


My husband fiddled with it and somehow, got the fan working again - doubt it works very long, though.
I’ll probably be ordering another before too long.


Mine arrived from Bon-ton today. I’ve never used one so I’m hoping this model is a good one. Let me know how this one works for you. I probably won’t use mine until the weather warms up a bit.


I am ready for mine to get here.We have a built in front porch I can use it on.And it’s no longer below freezing this week in the daytime.Our daytime highs were in the 20’s last week.


I just used it and it was really easy! I have an outside porch and it was the perfect place for it. I was a bit hesitant , the instructions for setting the temp confused me at first but I finally went on YouTube and it was pretty easy!
Now I can finish this baby. Poor thing has been in storage since last April.