2nd Darren WIP


What does he need besides hair?


His right eyebrow looks a bit higher? I would try to lower it if possible. And if it were mine I would add a tint of purple to his eyelids


Thanks! Upper or lower lid? There is lavender on the lowers already, it just doesn’t show up in the pics well


Upper. I tend to not darken under the eye crease
Here’s my Darren


The right eyebrow definitely looks higher. If you’ve fixed that please repost :slightly_smiling_face:. Your baby has nice newborn coloring.


Eyebrows fixed. There are moments that I like in his face and other moments that I hate :unamused: I started with hair because I feel like he is drinking paint. It was either hair or strip :flushed:




Darren in three lights. Before I varnish him, is he too yellow? He matches my skin tone, but in some lights he looks jaundiced. Now I wonder if I look jaundiced…


Bump. Need advice on skin tone. Too yellow? Any other issues?


I don’t think he looks too yellow. Yellow is a prominent colour in skin tone, if its not there babies look washed out. I had some girl tell me on Reborns that my baby looked too yellow and that she wanted more pictures. I simply told her that she didnt look too yellow to me and sold her to someone else the next day :wink:


I love his coloring! Not too yellow at all…


Thank you both :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I could never get the shine off, so he is a keeper baby. I do love him and couldn’t let him go for a boo boo price even though he is a boo boo baby.


He’s beautiful, shiny or not. Love his face…:heart_eyes:


He just needs a bit of matte to take the shine away


He has had several coats of matte from at least three different brands, one Genesis and the other two air-dry :confused: he is not as slick-looking as he was in these photos, but he is still pretty shiny.