24mm Brown Glass Flat Back Eyes For Sale(Sold) TY


I purchased some full rounds (to replace the three pairs I misplaced) and have one pair of flat back brown glass eyes to offer for sale. I had these in my drawer for eyes and am not sure where I purchased them, but they were in a bag marked 24 mm and are brown. Asking 17.00 plus shipping.


I have not cut the eye sockets for my June kit yet so I do not have any baby that I can put the eyes in, but I have a 20 or 22 in the same color that I put in a doll head that I use for practice. I would consider these medium brown. In person you can see a definitive pupil. This doll has eye sockets cut for full rounds, so eyes do not stay in place well without glue, but hopefully it helps you see the color.


Hi. Do you still have these eyes for sale? I’m interested


I am sorry I was just now able to respond. Someone messaged me about the eyes, but has not sent payment yet. If she does not get back to me tomorrow, I will let you know and you can have first refusal on them.