2018 Portrait Baby Challenge!


I am not much of a joiner lol however if I can get it all together in time I may have an entry I have family nudging me to get into it :smile:


It will be fun, you shouldound definitely join in!


Question is more than one entry per person allowed ? not that I will even have one but just in case I have the two I want to do done :smile:


@marrabo I don’t see why not:)


Thanks it just occurred to me that perhaps there would be those who would want to enter more than one if they had them done .


That was a really good question !


My portrait baby will be assembled by the weekend. It’s going to be tough not to share photos.


Wow, that’s awesome Paula! Feel free to not wait to send me your pictures so I can see them now;)


quedivertido!! ya estoy comenzando con mi bebe, intentare que se prezca a mi hija, me encanta la idea!!! gracias


Check out the gorgeous prize @Anne made for the 1st place winner!




That’s so pretty! I wish I had one to enter lol The only one close to a portrait baby that I have, I think I’ve already shown and he wasn’t a super close match (to the pic anyway)


I have a great one but I shared it here 2 years ago so I can’t enter it.


Entries aren’t due until June 14th, so please feel free to make another portrait baby! :two_hearts:


I don’t have enough time. I’ve got several custom orders in the works and I don’t currently have anyone that wants a portrait baby. Maybe next time. I’ll be watching, though.


Beautiful work @Anne if I have an entry maybe there wont be a lot of entries and I could win by default :smile: about the only way .


Thank you! @marrabo


Only the truth :smile:


That’s beautiful !


Oh my. I’ve only made 6 reborns. Maybe in the next year or 10 lol. I’m not nearly good enough. :grimacing:


Thanks @Bellybutton
@Vanniek This is a challenge and you are good enough! It is so awesome to see what everyone comes up with and @Babies has very relaxed rules so let your imagination run wild.