2 Stunning New Realborn® June Awake Prototypes on eBay!

Hey Everyone!

We are pleased to introduce our two newest prototypes. Shirley Jones and Joyce Angel have both reborned such beautiful versions of June Awake! Both babies are featured on our home page now at: https://bountifulbaby.com/. Both Shirley and Joyce have done an incredible job with bringing these sweet babies to life, and their styling is beyond cute!

Real baby June is the adorable daughter of Ann Dee, event manager for the ROSE International Doll Expo. She is a favorite of ours! For more information regarding her Realborn, here is a link to her item: https://bountifulbaby.com/products/5058. June Awake is a must have!

Have a great evening!

Bountiful Baby


They look so amazing, when I got the email I had to zoom in on some pictures to try and figure out which ones were the doll and which were the real baby!
The open eyes on this kit look really good and realistic. I’m not usually into open eyed kits, but I’ll probably need this one.