Another Prototype!!!

So cute!! So much hair, my goodness that’s a lot of hair! I really like this little guy, but I know his adoption price will skyrocket soon here.

Another one…

Yeah, I’ve been browsing a bit


You never know, Hun. You could get lucky! Every baby I love always skyrockets out of price range, but I literally had a miracle yesterday so maybe you will, too. Just plop them on your watch list and check back on them when they’re ready to go out.


What was your miracle? :slight_smile:

What was your miracle?

@izzy @Sydster The Miracle sculpt that I posted on another thread :laughing:

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Haha literally had a miracle…I see what you did there. :laughing:

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Yes, I love puns! :slight_smile:

Lol nice

I love them both, but Isaac is my favourite x

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The face on Isabelle is just adorable. Are those the preemie triplet limbs??