18/19” Cuddle body with attached diaper


This would be perfect for the elderly who just want a baby to cuddle and pretend that she’s actually wearing a diaper. Good idea for little girls too. This can be made in other sizes also.

This will make an 18-19” Cuddle baby


Oh my goodness what another awesome idea! @RoseannsBoutique


So cute!! Good idea!


That is such a great idea!


@RoseannsBoutique are you able to make one of these in 16-17? If so can you send an invoice to thecrookedcradlenursery@gmail.com.
Thank you


I might need one of these. Let me check.
You have such great ideas. Do you have an Etsy page by chance?


Hey Chick…
My Mom does have an Etsy: Roseanns Etsy
But probably best to send her a direct message or email roseannnicolls@gmail.com
She certainly has one of the best bodies in town:wink:


I plan to buy I’ve just had so much going on lately. I am making two dolls for a nursing home and the lady can’t decide whether to do the diaper body or a different body. I’m about a quarter of a way finished so I will most definitely send her a message soon. I like the idea of supporting individuals rather than companies. Thank you very much for that email address. I really do love her bodies.


That’s incredible making babies for a Nursing Home. I made my Gramma one waaaaaaay long ago & she was the hit of the whole Nursing Home. It’s soo needed by the elderly. Your doing such an amazing thing :hugs:


Thanks a friend asked me to make them but when she heard the price she said the nursing home couldn’t afford that. So I decided to do it anyway. Good karma.
She wants it rooted. But I am concerned about allergies. Did you root yours? I don’t want to make anyone sick.


No I didn’t root her… keep in mind this was a good 12-15 years ago. And it was a full limbed Special Edition Berenguer (the grumpy face) She was my favorite. They came in a pretty red box. Back then, we were all floored that a SE Berenguer cost $49.99 :laughing:

Anywhooooo… I always used the Kemper Cassidy Mohair wigs from Dolls by Sandie or here at Bountiful Baby. Not sure if BB carry’s them anymore? I thinned them up with thinning shears & made them super wispy, baby like.


I dug up an old photo of an old Berenguer I did (the ones from Walmart) I believe they still carry them? They are less than $25 & make the cutest preemies for Nursing Homes. This wasn’t the one I made for my Gramma, but I figured if you want to do more nursing home babies, these are a great, cost effective way to go to!

Also, Bountiful Baby DOES still carry these wigs! (the one in the photo here)
Bountiful Baby Kemper Wig


I have a few of those. I thought about using them but I really like the realborn faces.


That’s the best looking Berenguer reborn I’ve seen, he’s adorable. I don;t think I’ve ever seen those at my Walmart. Our Toys R Us used to have these really cute chubby babies similar to Berenguers, but now that they are out of business I have no idea where to find any of them. They were really cheap too, under $20.


I love the Realborns too… some of my fav faces to date :blue_heart:


Thanks for the kudos on the Berenguer. They are some of my all time loves. But that’s probably the old school in me. I think the Realborns are even more real looking & the price can’t be beat.

Blah, I’m soo sad that Toys R Us is gone. It’s such a shame. My kids grew up being “Toys R Us Kids” Heck… me too!


Me too. Same for babies R Us, I used to get some really cute stuff on sale there for the reborns.