"12 Kits for $12" Has Left Us Behind On Shipping. Please Be Patient

We sold far more kits with our “12 Kits For $12 Each” sale than we anticipated, and we are still very behind on shipping. We sold more than we ever have in our history in such a short time.

The sale started on Christmas Eve. Almost nobody was here on that day, and we were closed on Christmas Day, so processing the orders from our most massive sale in history did not start until Thursday. To make matters worse, we’ve only had a skeleton crew here since Christmas. It’s been quite a rush here, and here are the shipping numbers:

From Christmas Eve until now (Saturday), customers placed 1330 orders, and we have only shipped 677 of them as of today. On Christmas Eve alone we received 667 orders, which means as of today, we have shipped all but a few of Tuesday’s 667 orders, plus we have shipped a very small number of Wednesday’s orders. We think (and hope) that we can be completely caught up by end of day Tuesday, but we again ask for your patience. Your order is coming.

With our “12 Kits For $12 Each” sale, we thought we would probably run out of stock on one or two of the kits during the sale, but did not anticipate that they would ALL sell out. And that brings up the next potential problem…

If the inventory count tracked by the website was not exactly accurate, it means there is a possibility that we sold some kits that we do not have. In fact, with the 12 kits, it is likely the case on a few of them. We will ship the kits out on “First Ordered, First Shipped” basis, but when/if we are out of stock and have not yet fulfilled your order, you will be contacted and asked for an alternate $49.95 Realborn to ship in place of the one you ordered. We would be glad to instead give you a refund, but we think it is unlikely that anyone will prefer a $12 refund over an alternate Realborn kit. Our plan is to allow one business day for your response on your choice of alternate, and then substitute with one of our choosing if we do not hear back from you after one business day. I don’t think this will happen on very many orders, but I’m pretty sure it will happen on a few of them.

Thank you, and we hope your holiday season was a good one for you.

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Best of luck getting caught up and yay!!:confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball: For so many sales! That’s a great way to make some room for over stock!
Hope you and your families had a great holiday!:heart:


Great news Nevin! Happy holidays to you and yours :heart::heart::heart:

Received my kits today, packed perfectly as always AND I even got a free calendar which I didn’t expect with sale kits! Thank you so much @bbsupport! New year, new babies! :two_hearts:


This is how customer service should work. My kits came quickly. Thank you.


Y’all are the best! I appreciate this sale so much that I’m willing to wait as long as I need to or accept any Realborn kits you want to send. This sale was amazing! :heart:


I’m content to wait! Thank you for your customer service @bbsupport ! You always go a step above and beyond!