10” silicones


Hi guys, I’m looking for a memorial baby, for myself. Ideally a silicone 9-10 inches long as that was her size. I’ve checked Kimbrydolls and she doesn’t have any in stock. Do you guys know any other sellers that make good quality, yet affordable mini silicones?


There are some on Etsy, but it depends on what you think is affordable. Mini full body silicones can sell for anywhere from $175-$600 depending on whether it’s a completed baby or you’re going to paint it yourself. Can you order one from kimbrydolls?


I’m looking at the 2-400 range for a ten inch. I’ve messaged kimbry about a custom but haven’t gotten a response


She takes a while to respond sometimes. Try messaging her on her FB page.


I purchased my 10" full body silicone from Sherri Williams. She was $385US for a blank kit.
I’m not sure if she still has any blanks left. I’m painting Basil right now, but she’s already adopted.


She’s a cute one. Glad you found her.


where can I go to find the kit?


Basil kits are all sold out, but Sherri Williams has others on her site that are cute too. :slight_smile: