0 FB Bidder


My Cuddles auction is ending in less than an hour and I’m very nervous! I have two bidders who both had automatic bids - one with 250 feedback who messaged me to ask some questions and tell me they were excited, and another with 0 feedback who didn’t answer the message I sent today. Fingers crossed the 0 FB bidder just didn’t see the message yet, and the sale will go through …


Congrats, i hope it works out.


No payment yet, unfortunately. I don’t understand why people bid without intention of paying. What do they get out of it?


People playing the bidding game. It happens alot on ebay. Next time you have a good bidder and one with zero fb just remove the bad bid and block them so they can’t bid again. Not every zero fb bidder is bad but not worth the risk.


The bidder I thought was a serious bidder asked if she could have the baby on a payment plan if the other bidder doesn’t pay, and for the original buy it now price rather than her highest bid … I have to wonder, why on earth did she bid it if she can’t pay it, and needs a payment plan for an even lower price?

Either way, I sent her my terms and conditions, which seem pretty standard to me, and haven’t heard from her since even though previous messages were all very close together - AND, I just found out, she is also the other person I had interested in her on Facebook! Ugh! I’ll be frustrated if I have to relist her after I’ve had this much “interest.”


That has to be frustrating!


Have experienced this a few times. Very aggravating! I hope you a serious buyer soon


Doing the same on Ebay right now.But my buyer did say after her second reminder to pay, would I please give her till end of week when she gets paid.I just wish she had told me before she won the auction.She beat out the girl that had been corresponding and asking questions and was probably a more serious pay on the spot buyer.I guess that’s the chance you take selling anywhere.